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David and his co-F0unding Directors—Peter UfF0rd and Blake Bromley—in early 1998 incorporated the liberal arts and sciences university as a registered not-F0r-profit charitable institution to ensure that all revenues and profits would accrue solely to the university F0r the development of future generations of leaders of tomorrow.

Quest University Canada continues to admit an ever expanding number of new students under the leadership of David Helfand of Columbia University, while David Strangway is President- and Chancellor Emeritus. Quest graduated its first class of students in 2011. It has been accredited by the American Academy of Liberal Education and recognized by the US Department of Education F0r scholarship support to students. The Nationals Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) surveys 280,000 students at over 700 universities in North America. Quest has been recognized at the very top of these rankings in all of North America.



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