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As the son of Canadian missionary parents, David grew up in Angola and came home in 1952 to attend the University of Toronto. As a young boy he was given a name by the Angolan community. Cikomo (miracle worker) in the Umbundu language He attended high school in Zimbabwe ( then known as Southern Rhodesia). In early 2004, he returned to Angola as a special envoy and leader of a Canadian delegation that Bill Graham, Minister of Foreign Affairs, had formed to commence a dialogue for a stronger partnership between the two countries.

He serves on the board of Angola based NGO Development Workshop.

For the past year he has worked to develop a proposal to the developed world to create and fund 1000 chairs for universities in Africa. This idea is widely supported by international organizations around the world. This proposal if funded would represent a major “surge” for African universities and help them to build significant capacity to deal with their brain drain problem and to help them to address the Millennium Development Goals. Like the Canadian program this would challenge the universities to set their own priorities.



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