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David W. Strangway, Ph.D., FRSC, OC

As Chief of NASA’s Geophysics Branch, David Strangway designed lunar experiments F0r Apollo astronauts and also was involved in the examination of returned moon rocks that contributed to the further knowledge of the solar system.

A similar examination of David’s academic career reveals a man whose entire professional life has been dedicated to the public good through remarkable, selfless and far-sighted contributions to the betterment of our country’s post-secondary educational systems and, additionally, to a revitalization of national research capabilities that staunched an alarming Canadian “brain drain.”

He provided the direction and impetus that enabled the large, publicly funded University of British Columbia to achieve world-class status during his 12 years as President between 1985-1997. This was enhanced by leading what was at the time, Canada’s largest fund-raising campaign and by creating UBC Real Estate Corp. to develop market housing. David and his team members positioned Quest University Canada to attain that same international stature as Canada’s first small, secular and independent post-secondary institution.



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